Mission Systech

We, the people of Systech Trading commit to raise Vietnam’s reach by providing higher value systems to manufacturing and supporting industries and creating sustainable quality of life for the community. We believe in professionalism to operate the company system in a scientific and proactive way, creating opportunities for replication. We believe in the spirit of close coordination between departments, between individuals towards the common goal to maintain and develop the system, improve the efficiency of the company. We believe in the will to develop ourselves, to continually improve our personal ability to accompany the development of our business. Only through this way can we do much more and develop quality of life.

Mission Systech

2018 Vision – Keep growing as a multi-million dollar enterprise with 90% of revenue coming from the FDI market in Vietnam in electronics, automobiles, motorbikes and pharmaceuticals and 10% from export revenue.

Core values

This is the guiding principle for all citizens to follow the lifestyle and work of Systech Trading. It is a belief system that our organization unites with. Professional help to operate the company’s scientific system, bring the best effect, build trust with customers and suppliers. Close coordination is the coordination between each division, each individual towards the common goal. The close coordination will help solve the problem thoroughly, quickly, enhance the prestige, maintain and develop the system, improve the performance of the work. If not coordinated closely, will disrupt the system, creating distance between individuals. Willing to develop self, improve personal ability, accompany the development of business. We believe that every individual grows, new business grows. If an individual does not develop himself, he or she will fall behind, and the business will fall behind, and in the long run will collapse.

Core values
Development process

Company founded by two Vietnamese women

  • Company Founded
  • HCM Branch Established
  • A big leap
  • Equitization
  • Modern Information Technology In Company Operation Investment


Systech is professional, scientific and proactive in providing high value systems for Manufacturing & Supporting Industries. With that capacity, Systech is now a reliable partner of FDI enterprises, big customers such as Samsung, Canon, ...
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